Garrett Bramall, ND
Garrett Bramall, ND
Evoke Life
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Garrett Bramall, ND

Certifications: Acupuncture, Prolotherapy, Advanced Injection Therapies / IVs, Prescriptive Authority, Vaccination/Immunization

“I became a naturopathic physician because as an athlete, I always knew there was more that could be done to get me back in the game and playing at my best. I wanted to become the doctor that I wish I had in my corner for all of those years.” 

  • Dr. Garrett Bramall, ND


Dr. Bramall has been an athlete all of his life. He played for the Junior A burnaby lakers and was a core member on the St. Francis Xavier X-men lacrosse teams while completing his undergraduate degree. He has a passion for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and  mixed martial arts which started at a young age and continues to grow today. Unfortunately, chronic low back pain held him back for years until he stepped foot in a Naturopathic doctor’s office. After experiencing a profound response to treatment, Garrett set his sights on learning everything that he could about the profession and has since become a naturopathic physician himself. 

Dr. Bramall prides himself in educating his patients about their bodies and empowering them to play a leading role in their own healing process. He works with disciplined, driven professionals and athletes who are tired, in pain and feeling rundown. His mission with each client is to ease their pain, to maximize their performance, their productivity and unlock their fullest potential. This means that at the end of a work day they have the energy necessary to play with their kids, to be present for their loved ones and strive to improve themselves every single day. He emphasizes the importance of establishing a solid foundation while also applying leading edge, evidence based therapeutic approaches to get you results fast. 

He currently practices full time at Evoke Integrative Medicine in downtown Vancouver and holds weekend appointments at Prohealthsys clinic in New Westminster BC. He is also a faculty member of Vancouver Career College’s registered massage therapy program. He has acted as an editor for several books in the realm of anatomy and sports medicine published by Dr. Nikita Vizniak and co-authored clinical reference texts in both Kinesiology and Nutrition so far. 



Dr. Bramall is a proud alumnus of St. Francis Xavier University located in Antigonish Nova Scotia where he graduated with a first class honours degree in Kinesiology and health sciences. He completed his medical training at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) Vancouver campus, a CNME accredited institution. He completed extensive hours of in-class studies, observational learning as well as hands-on clinical training in a variety of clinics including the Family Naturopathic Clinic, Friends for Life, Boucher Integrative Medical Clinic and Evoke Integrative Medicine. 



  • Athletic injuries

  • Chronic pain and unsolved injuries. 

  • Concussion

  • Productivity and performance - burnout, insomnia, anxiety, depression.

  • Cardiovascular conditions - high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke and heart attack prevention.

  • Metabolic conditions - diabetes and insulin resistance,obesity/weight management, thyroid imbalances.

  • Headaches - tension, migraine, cervicogenic

  • Gastrointestinal - IBS, IBD, GERD, Constipation, environmental and food allergies/intolerances

  • Skin - eczema, psoriasis, acne



Dr. Bramall strives towards finding a balance between conventional and naturopathic medical approaches. He does this by leveraging technological advancements that assist him in closing the gap between evidenced based research and clinical application. This allows him to deliver a personal healthcare plan that will support you throughout every stage of your life. 

Dr. Bramall strives to work with you to identify the cause of your health concerns and to develop a sustainable plan to get you back to feeling your best. Although firmly rooted in an evidence-based approach, he addresses each patient as an individual. He advocates for using both standard and advanced laboratory tests to guide assessment and uses both conventional and natural medicines to treat your unique condition and elevate your health.  

Dr. Bramall recognizes that making sustainable changes to your health is hard work. He therefore promises to dedicate time to professional development in order to continually improve his skills and provide patients with the best care possible. He is dedicated to education and leadership as it pertains to elevating the health literacy of his community.



  • Prolotherapy and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections

  • Joint mobilization (spinal adjustments) and exercise rehabilitation 

  • Diet & Lifestyle Optimization

  • Advanced Laboratory Testing & Health Analysis

  • Nutraceutical Supplementation

  • Botanical & Herbal Medicine

  • Acupuncture & Electroacupuncture

  • Intravenous Nutrient Therapy (IV Therapy)

  • Pharmaceutical Medication

  • Low Level Laser Therapy (Cold Laser)



  • Certified in Acupuncture

  • Certified in Intravenous Nutrient Therapy

  • Certified in Advanced Injection Therapies (Cortisone, Prolotherapy, PRP, Viscosupplementation)

  • Certified in Immunizations & Vaccinations – BCCDC

  • Pharmaceutical Prescriptive Authority – Canadian Pharmacists Association

  • Minor Surgery

  • Intravenous Nutrient Therapy – Dr. Stefan Kurprowsky, ND

  • Naturopathic Advanced Life Support (NALS) & BLS/CPR – Ohm Medical



  • Registrant of the College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia (CNPBC)

  • Member of the British Columbia Naturopathic Association (BCNA)

  • Member of the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND)