Heathir Naesgaard, ND
#1- 3731 Delbrook
North Vancouver, BC V7N 3Z4 604-980-4181604-980-4181
Heathir Naesgaard, ND

I am dedicated to supporting health and restoring balance in your life via addressing physical/chemical/mental/ emotional overloads that inflict stress upon your biochemistry, nervous systems and your`s cell ablility to heal you. Techniques are indiviually selected to suit your needs which you can veiw on my website www.drhealth.ca

While maintaining a general practice which addresses the majority of health concerns, I utilize many approaches and techniques to restore health and balance. Corrections of many conditions  are through the use of advanced technologies. 

For example I use the cold laser which promotes health/healing of nerves, skin & organs without burning or cutting. Also, I use a chemical intervention (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs...) the percussor and at appropriate time an adjustor to re-establish internal balance of your organs systems, muscles, fascia and nerves. 

I am priveleged to address glandular/hormonal imbalances ( thyroid, estrogen, testosterone...), musculoskeletal woes (carpal tunnel, frozen shoulder, low back pain, fibromyalgia, CFS), Central Nervous System disorders (depression, autism, ADD/ADHD...) 

We are constantly inspired by the miracles that we see every day at our office and invite you to become a patient team member.