Marc Boutet, ND
Marc Boutet, ND
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Marc Boutet, ND

Certifications: Advanced Injection Therapies / IVs, Prescriptive Authority, Prolotherapy

Dr. Marc Boutet has been in practice since 2000.  Until 2015 he owned and operated the Selkirk Naturopathic Clinic in Maple Ridge, after which he relocated to the Shuswap.  Dr. Boutet treats a wide variety of acute and chronic health problems.  His areas of special interest are treating Lyme disease and coinfections, autoimmune and allergy correction, prolotherapy and chelation.

Prolotherapy is a non-surgical tendon and ligament repair technique, highly successful for sports injuries or other chronic injures. 

Dr. Boutet is a member of ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society) and has extensive training in treating chronic Lyme disease and coinfections, both through ILADS and mentoring from Dr Ernie Murakami, MD. 

Dr. Boutet is trained to administer IV vitamin therapies when appropriate.

Dr. Boutet utilizes Autonomic Response Testing, a technique of nervous system testing developed by Dr. Klinghardt, MD to assist in individualized treatment.

Dr Boutet encourages having homes tested and mitigated of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and electical fields (EMF).  Health consequences form electrical and wireless devices can be the primary cause of health concerns such as insomnia, headaches, lack of focus, anxiety and hormone disruption.

Dr. Boutet often incorporateds detoxification to decrease the body burden of environmental toxins such as heavy metals and solvents.

At Wellbeing Naturopathic Clinic, our goal is to provide high quality naturopathic medical care to restore and maintain health.