Andrew Eberding, ND
Andrew Eberding, ND
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Andrew Eberding, ND

Certifications: Advanced Injection Therapies / IVs, Chelation, Ozone Therapy, Prescriptive Authority, Prolotherapy

Medicine should be about moving toward health and not about treating disease.  “Working together we can get you to a healthier place,” is always my goal for my patients. The concept of your body's ability to MOVE TOWARD HEALTH awoke my passion for the healing arts and propelled me to become a Naturopathic Doctor.  Clinically, this concept has resulted in two very distinct groups I have had remarkable success treating, behavioural concerns (ADHD) and physical pain (including sports injuries, back pain, headaches and degenerative conditions). 

Behaviour, attention and all the associated characteristics are not on or off, good or bad.  There is a range that everyone lives upon.  Some people consistantly have more difficulty holding their mind on task than others.  The number of potential reasons that behaviour can be challenging is huge, including social, anxiety, inadequate nutrition, emotional trauma, unbalanced biochemistry and many others.  The key is always to ADDRESS THE UNDERLYING CAUSE of the problem. I look at the impact on mood, sleep, learning, using a variety of diagnostic tests and therapies to support healthier living. Using this information I develop a workable indiviualized plan and TEACH you how to implement it.

The pain side of my practice involves working in concert other therapists to generate a comprehensive plan that will address all the components of your pain.  In my practice, I treat weakened connective tissue (a major source of pain resulting in misaligned joints), muscle spasms, nerve pain, nutritional deficiencies and insufficient detoxification processes.  There are numerous reasons people develop physical pain, some of them include, trauma (accidents and injuries), repetitive stress, emotional loading, biochemical factors and others.  Many have a complex combination of factors leading to their pain.  The time it takes to become pain free depends on where you are starting from, your capacity to participate and the complexity of your situation. 

Most extended health plans include naturopathic medicine.  Call my office to enquire about the services I offer.  I look forward to supporting you with effective, patient-centred care