Bryn Bentham, ND
Bryn Bentham, ND
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Bryn Bentham, ND



I may be right for you if:

  • You’re tired.
  • You’re in pain.
  • You’re tired of being in pain.
  • You want a doctor who takes the time to listen to all your concerns.
  • You’ve been told you’re fine by other doctors, but you don’t feel fine.
  • You’re curious about Naturopathic medicine but are weary of “woo-woo” alternative health practitioners who use magic potions.
  • You value the scientific method.
  • You want alternatives to drugs or surgery.
  • You’re on a wait-list for a surgery or procedure.
  • You’re only access to health care is a walk-in clinic.
  • You’ve not seen a doctor since the dawn of time.
  • You feel stuck or unsatisfied with your life.
  • You want to lose weight, and find energy.


Why I’m a Doctor


I chose medicine as a career because it best integrates my curiosity for the sciences and my love for helping people.  

It's become clear to me that health is not a destination, or even a journey.  Health is a vehicle.  If maintained well it will carry us to the places we want to be.  When we have good health we're able to participate in the things that bring us joy and meaning.  Whether it's playing with our kids, enjoying the outdoors, or forging meaningful relationships, if our health is compromised, so too is our ability to enjoy the things we value.

For most of us, health doesn't become a priority until it detiorates to the point where we can no longer participate in the things alluded to above.  Perhaps this sounds familiar to you.  This is the crux of why I do what I do.  


What are the things in your life you’re missing out on?  What do you want to be around for in the future?  

Perhaps I can help,

Bryn Bentham, BSc ND