Dr. Justin Lafreniere, ND
Dr. Justin Lafreniere, ND
#103-565 17th St.
West Vancouver, BC V7V 3S9 604-925-2560604-925-2560
Dr. Justin Lafreniere, ND

Certifications: Acupuncture, Chelation


    Dr. Justin Lafreniere is a naturopathic physician practicing in West Vancouver, BC. His general family practice is unique given the diversity of his interests.  A background in biochemistry gives him insight into the complexity of metabolic and endocrine disorders such as diabetes, polycystic ovarian syndrome and symptomatic menopause. In addition, he has a passion for understanding autistic spectrum disorders, attention deficit and pediatric developmental issues. He is well-versed in advanced nutrition and anti-aging protocols, including natural aesthetic procedures such as Lipodissolve®, No-Tox® non-surgical facelifts, and cosmetic acupuncture and mesotherapy. 

    Dr. Lafreniere is an avid mountain biker, rock climber, surfer, and backcountry telemark skier. Undoubtedly, it is this ‘minor obsession’ with adrenaline-inducing sports that has led him to his interest in athletic rehabilitation and sports medicine. He has taken numerous advanced trainings in specific rehabilitation techniques, including prolotherapy, neural therapy, and athletic/pain mesotherapy.

    Dr. Lafreniere employs a wide range of cutting-edge diagnostic techniques and therapeutic interventions to provide comprehensive, holistic, and effective patient-centered natural medical care. Dr. Lafreniere is compassionate and understanding in his approach to helping you achieve your optimal health.

    Dr. Lafreniere is conversationally fluent in español and français.


    As a naturopathic physician I strive to bridge the gap between conventional and alternative medical practices.  I empower my patients to understand all of their options and take an active role in their health care and to benefit from an integrated approach to medicine. Naturopathic medicine is at the forefront of cutting-edge integrative medicine.  Its’ unique mosaic of paradigms creates a holistic and integrated understanding of the human body in both health and disease.  The origin of the term ‘doctor’ comes from the Latin meaning ‘teacher’. As a naturopathic doctor, my role is to teach.  Using my knowledge and skill as a physician, I endeavor to provide up-to-date, efficient and effective, patient-centered health care.

To book an appointment with Dr. Lafreniere, or to learn more about his clinic and services, please contact his office reception at 604.925.2560 or toll free at 1.877.925.2560; or visit his website at http://www.healthydoc.com.


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